Recruit student and graduate talent

Ulster University can provide options around placements, internships and volunteering.

Find the best talent for your organisation

A challenge for many businesses is attracting the best talent for your organisation.

We help raise your profile amongst our student base to help attract you the best applicants.

Not only can you advertise your vacancy with us, we offer a range of services to suit your needs, depending on circumstances, budget and timescales.

Support for employers

  • Recruitment Events

    We want to help you connect with our students and graduates. Our recruitment events programme provides an online format to ensure that employers can continue to engage with our students.

    Our signature recruitment fairs in Autumn are targeted to specific Schools and will facilitate the promotion of graduate, placement and work experience opportunities.

    Spotlight events bridge the gap between careers fairs and employer presentations bringing students and employers together and focusing on specific sectors which are of particular interest to our students.

    Work insight schemes and spring weeks give students an early introduction to the professional environment and a taste of your company’s culture providing early talent identification.

    All active events can be found on this page.

  • Recruitment, Planning and Consultancy

    Alongside a degree, we understand how important non-academic experience is in helping produce confident and articulate graduates. We can work with you to set up activities as another way to scout for talent ensuring a streamlined talent pipeline from university to businesses.

    Staff can advise on issues associated with recruiting students and graduates such as; timing, salaries, selection criteria and we are here to help you put recruitment plans into action.

  • Professional Placements and Flexible Internships

    Ulster works with organisations of all sizes, across all sectors; each year over 2,000 Ulster students undertake professional roles in local, national and international settings.  There are many ways students add value to business; work practices have changed and at Ulster we support business continuity through our placement and internship programmes which have new levels of flexibility.

    Business partners can take advantage of varying start dates.  Undergraduate placements could last 15 weeks to over 48 weeks.  Internships of between 1 and 6 months, some of which attract funding in the form of bursary for your intern, support your recruitment of both undergraduate students and recent graduates.

    Students can still undertake placements on-site, where health, safety and wellbeing measures are in place to protect all employees.  However, the workplace for students and graduates has evolved to include digital and remote work settings; we accept live projects that you can outsource to a student or a group of students.

    Contact us to discuss the option best suited to your business need.

  • Shape our Curriculum

    Help shape the content we deliver to suit the skills you require.

    Our students develop key employability and enterprise skills through career development learning embedded in the curriculum, from first year onwards.

    We recognise the importance of employer engagement in the design and delivery of our curriculum, meaning our students are extremely employable with the knowledge, skills and confidence to meet industry needs. We welcome you to share your expertise to support student employability.  This is a popular way to reach a large group of students.

    The Ulster Edge Award is based on the skills you value and allows students to develop these through extra and co-curricular activities. Supporting activities for the Edge Award provides a great opportunity to engage students in a range of activities that will enhance your reputation and visibility.

    Delivering business challenges and competitions provide students with the opportunity to develop skills, gain experience and knowledge and network with you.

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