Sustainability at Ulster University

At Ulster University we seek to embed a culture of sustainable thinking and action across the institution.

Sustainability at Ulster University

Ulster continues to develop and support sustainability initiatives with our staff, students, and external partners across various aspects of teaching, research, professional services operations, and governance.

It is also vital to recognise the sustainable knowledge we create through experience, invention, and research and in the wider connections we make through business development across and between the many partnerships that make these work.

We run courses and research projects across a vast array of discipline areas including sustainable architecture, energy storage and renewable energy engineering, sustainable tourism, marine sciences, biomedical and health sciences, sustainable textiles, and law and human rights.

At Ulster every person, course, research project, and professional service area on every campus either does or can contribute in some way towards the global sustainability and climate change agenda.

Sustainable Development Goals

Discover how our activities support each of the Sustainable Development Goals.