Accommodation Application process

Ulster University Accommodation, find out more information about how to apply.

Find out more information about how to apply to Ulster University accommodation at Coleraine, Jordanstown and Magee campuses.

2022/23 No Obligation booking & Accommodation Guarantee

No need to worry about not having a room for September, UlsterUni is offering “No Obligation Booking”. As a CF/UF student you can apply for accommodation before the 7th July and be guaranteed a room offer in your accommodation of choice.

To apply you will pay £100 booking fee which is fully refundable until you have accepted an accommodation room offer.

There is no obligation to university accommodation until you have accepted an accommodation offer which won't be until July/August when you will be able to make an informed decision.

Our ResLife teams are making plans for a full ResLife programme of events for residents to enjoy their university experience & make lifelong memories!


  1. If you have been accepted onto a course (UF)*, or have received a conditional firm offer (CF)*, you will receive an email with your "B" number along with details of how to apply via the online accommodation portal.
  2. Simply register using your student "B" number which will be emailed to all eligible students once you have a conditional offer. International or returning students can use an existing registration or "B" number if they have one.
  3. Once registered, pick up to a minimum of 2 accommodation options (in order of preference) then submit your application.
  4. A £100 booking fee is then required. This is refunded if you don't accept the University's accommodation offer.

* If you have an eligible offer and apply by the 7th July, you are guaranteed a room in university accommodation once you are accepted onto the course.

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International Students

Our International students who apply for accommodation by 14th August for Semester 1  are guaranteed a room in accommodation.  Choose from a range of accommodation types to suit every budget and preference.

Introducing 'TransferMate'

Residential Services are delighted to offer International students the opportunity to make payments for accommodation via 'Transfer Mate' and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the cost/admin associated with international payments
  • Pay in your local currency to local bank accounts so no international wire fees
  • Better exchange rates
  • Savings on Bank Transfer/Credit Card
  • Faster. ‘TransferMate’ will provide quote and give 48 hours to compare quotes before paying
  • Receipt immediately confirming payment
  • 24 hour customer Service from ‘TransferMate’

Information for 'Funded' and 'Non-funded' international students

Students who are attending Ulster University through a course which is fully funded i.e. your accommodation fees are being paid by Ulster University International Department or direct to Residential Services should apply using the APPLY NOW tab and choose the 'Overseas Funded student' option. This means you will not be required to make a payment when accepting your room offer.

Any student who is receiving funding directly from their home institution to pay their accommodation fees should not choose this option.

NEED HELP? If you have any queries regarding your course, funding or arrival to Ulster University please Contact the Team - Ulster University Global and they will be happy to help.

Information for 'Pre-sessional' AND 'Pre-sessional Plus' Students

These are students who arrive to Ulster University during the summer months to complete an English language course.

The Pre-sessional Plus course provides further intensive English language teaching.

Students are required to pay their own booking fee and residential fees; For detailed guidance on how to apply for accommodation see below:

Pre-sessional plus students  residential contract operates from June to September 2022 at the Jordanstown campus.

Pre-sessional students contract operates from July to September 2022 at the Jordanstown campus.

To book accommodation for Pre-sessional or Pre-sessional Plus period

  1. All students should first register their personal details and follow the Summer Student Route to Pre-sessional where an application should be completed  Accommodation at Ulster University.
  2. You will be notified of an offer by e-mail at which time you should log back in and go to Dashboard to either Accept or Reject the offer of accommodation.  When you accept you will be required to pay for the pre-sessional period in full.

To book accommodation for the 2022/23 Academic year

  1. Students who wish to stay  in university accommodation for the academic year must complete an application for the 2022/23 session.  Accommodation at Ulster University
  2. To submit your application for accommodation for the 2022/23 academic year you will be asked to pay £100 Booking Fee which becomes non-refundable once you accept an offer of accommodation.
  3. Accommodation will be available from the end of the pre-sessional contract on the 9rd September provided you have completed an application in advance for the new academic year.
  4. A charge for accommodation for the period from 9th September 2022 to the beginning of the new accommodation contract on the 17th September 2022 will be included in the room offer.
  5. When accepting your room offer you will be given a choice of payment options, a minimum upfront payment of £300 will be required in order to accept your accommodation offer.
  6. If your academic course is at the Coleraine or Magee campuses, you will be expected to travel to your new campus on the 9th September 2022.
  7. If you have a residential contract for the 2022/23 academic year and  subsequently do not pass the course, you will be released from your contract and any monies paid refunded.


Students who intend to reside in the private rental sector for the academic year 2022/23  will be required to move out of the University accommodation by the 9th September 2022.

Students can apply for accommodation for Pre-sessional, Pre-sessional plus from April 2022

Reslife want you to help you settle into University life with confidence. If you have a disability, health concern or other requirement we are here to help you. We will make reasonable adjustments for students that need extra support within their accommodation due to a long-term medical condition or sensory/physical impairment. This may include making adaptations to a room or allocating a room in a specific location to ensure you can be involved fully in University life and the Student experience.

  • It is important that when you complete the application you declare any pre-existing medical conditions which may be impacted by living in university accommodation.
  • Residential Services will liaise with colleagues in the Student Wellbeing team to ensure you are allocated to appropriate accommodation and that necessary support is provided.  You will be asked to provide recent certification regarding your condition from a suitably qualified medical professional.
  • If you develop or experience a new temporary disability e.g., an injury due to sports etc. while in residences, you should inform ResLife so that appropriate support or alternative accommodation can be provided if required.

* Student health and wellbeing is fundamental for all students to enable positive experiences of university life. It is important that you take responsibility for self-care and connect with the appropriate support services such as your GP, Student Wellbeing Services, Sports Services all of which promote health and well being .

Medical Registration

* You are advised to register with a local Doctor/General Practitioner. Assistance with this can be given via Student Wellbeing.

* Information regarding local medical practices is available at Student Well Being Offices or here

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